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About Me

I am Annaliese Erin, an experienced parent and trauma coach empowering you to have a solid connection to self, spouse, and child.

I help families all over the world connect with their kids on a deeper emotional level while giving parents the tools they need to be emotionally supportive, stop yelling and help their kids listen the first time!

I have worked with hundreds of families and helped many parents be connected, calm and parent with confidence.

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What I offer

I offer monthly one on one coaching for a more personalised experience, where we meet on zoom and create a family plan that works and aligns with your parenting goals.

We cover the five pillars:

1. Your goals and what is most important to you and your family

2. Mindset - so you have the tools to achieve your goals

3. Emotional Regulation techniques that keep you calm and regulated during stressful times

4. Effective communication and building a strong connection with your kids 

5. Your personalised conscious parenting plan 

When you choose the one on one option you also get access to my group The Calm and Confident Parent 

One to one Sessions are recorded for your benefit (optional)

You will also get a write up each week via email about what we discussed and what you are to focus on that week.

I typically work one on one with clients for 1- 4 months depending on the depth of what they need. 

I charge a monthly fee and this includes the ability to reach out to me and get help between sessions via email or WhatsApp messaging. Payment plans available.

I also offer Group Coaching through The Calm and Confident Parent.

It is seven sessions over seven weeks, we meet on zoom with approximately 10-20 other parents who all have similar goals.

I teach the five pillars and every session is an opportunity for group coaching.

Payment plans are also available.

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The Calm and Confident Parent

How I can help you

The Calm and Confident Parent

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Peaceful Parenting Academy Course

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The Healing Alignment Course

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Connection First Coaching

This is a complete course to transform yourself first, your relationships, and your parenting, if you are committed and ready to go - Book a call with me!

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There are other options to access my knowledge also:

COMING SOON - Parents Reparenting Work Book

Online self-paced courses on Healing and Parenting

Healing course
Parenting Course