The Peaceful Parenting Academy's Guide to Emotionally Strong Kids


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In this course, you'll discover:


Effective strategies for handling tantrums
Techniques to ensure kids listen attentively the first time
Dealing with disrespect and earning respect in return
Understanding why children seem to respond only to yelling
Understanding why children sometimes break rules
Addressing the issue of lying in children
Proven methods for promoting positive behaviour in both children and teenagers
Handling sibling rivalry and discouraging tattling
Managing physical aggression in children
Alternatives to traditional punishments
Understanding how parents influence child behavior
Managing strong-willed children
Approaches to address lying in children
Dealing with technology-related behavioural issues
Understanding why time-outs may not be the most effective solution
Language swaps to improve parent-child relationships and eliminate blame, shame, and guilt in the family dynamic, and much more..


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Raise emotionally resilient children Course