Raise Emotionally Resilient Children Peaceful Parenting Academy Course


With over 40 videos on positive parenting and strategies, this course contains over $300 worth of content, strategies, and knowledge on raising emotionally strong children in a positive parenting way.


In this course, you will learn:

  • How to deal with tantrums
  • How to get kids to listen the first time
  • How to deal with disrespect and get respect
  • Why do kids only listen when you yell
  • Why do kids do things they know they shouldn't
  • Why kids lie
  • How to get the best behavior out of your children and teenagers
  • When to get involved in sibling rivalry and how to discourage tattling
  • What to do when your child hits, bites, or lashes out 
  • How to get rid of punishments and what to do instead
  • What we as parents may be doing to contribute to our child's behaviours
  • How to cope with strong-willed children
  • What to do when our child lies
  • Why do our kids act up during technology use and what to do about it
  • Why time-outs aren't the best solution and what to do instead
  • Examples of language swaps that can improve your relationship with your kids and get rid of blame, shame, and guilt in your family fast and much more.....


This has everything you need to know about raising children positively $300 worth for just $180 (Healing course down below!)

Raise emotionally resilient children with the Positive Parenting Course Please