The Healing Alignment Course


Let's deal with that trauma that's been holding you back right now!


With 20 videos on how to heal, the healing alignment course is everything you need to end the intergenerational trauma that has been passed on to each of us.


This course includes:

  • Strategies on finding your triggers and meeting your needs so you can stop being so reactive.
  • Emotional regulation strategies and coping skills are essential to being able to manage and control your emotions, including my number one way to stop getting so defensive and being able to choose your response.
  • Learning how to set boundaries with the toxic people you encounter in your life while getting rid of any fears you hold around standing up for yourself so you can live life freely and on your terms.
  • How to heal your inner child including an inner child meditation for you to listen to over and over again as many times as needed.
  • How to reparent and shed light on the parts of your childhood that need extra love and attention in order to become the best version of you!


All of this for just a one-time payment of $125

The Healing Alignment Course, Please