About Me

I am Annaliese Erin, an experienced parent, trauma, and relationship coach empowering you to have a solid connection to self, spouse, and child.

I started my journey in 2016 when I started healing from my eating disorder by supporting and healing any guilt and shame I had carried for many years, working on my nutrition, and updating my mindset around food.

In 2018, I fell unexpectedly pregnant and became a trauma and parent coach to give my child the best upbringing possible through healing, studying, and implementing conscious parenting mindset reframes and strategies.

I used various techniques with my clients, including NLP, CBT, somatic healing, exposure, visualization, TIME technique, and talk therapy. I am helping them make sense of their past experiences and how they will continue to affect them while giving them the tools they need to move forward in life with a new mindset. Emotionally attuned and equipped with conscious parenting strategies so they can parent and take on life with confidence.


What Do I offer?

I offer ten one-on-one sessions weekly or fortnightly, with Voxer support in between over 3–4 months, so my client has plenty of time to move into this phase of their life with support and compassion. If you are interested, apply to work with me by clicking the link below, fill in the form, and schedule a FREE consultation call to see if your goals align with what I provide.

There are options to work alone or your spouse together, so you are both on the same page in your Family Life.

I also offer more budget-friendly group coaching options for those who want the tools and the group setting to know they’re not alone. Please click the freedom from trauma and the parent toolbox on the menu for more details and upcoming dates.


There are other options to access my knowledge also:

  • Voxer only supports per month
  • Online self-paced courses on Healing and Parenting
  • Video Membership pay per month 


Please check out the testimonials page for feedback on what it is like to work with me.

I'm a cycle breaker!
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