If you desire Inner peace, feeling valued, emotionally stable, non-reactive, want to be able to engage in consistent self love, recognise your patterns and change them then Freedom from Trauma is for you.

This course is a four call coaching program where we dive into Healing from Trauma while becoming the calm and loving example for our kids.

You can have all the parenting strategies in the world, but if you are still reacting from a place of Fear, resentment and have underlying anger then parenting strategies aren't going to get you very far, we need to start INSIDE.

 This is for you if you:

Dream of being more relaxed

Want to let go of stressing over the small things

Don't want to lose it anymore and let things bother you so much

Want to show up calm and stable and provide Emotional Stability for your  children

Seek to be able to control your emotions and manage your triggers

Want to understand your childhood and have the tools to not repeat it to your family

Want to prioritize the things that are ACTUALLY important, like connection, emotions, and presence

If you currently:

  • Feel stuck
  • Overwhelmed
  • Like you can't cope
  • Struggle with meeting your own needs and your family's needs,
  • Get defensive often
  • Struggle with your emotions
  • Are critical of yourself
  • Self-sabotage
  • People please
  • Can't say No or hold boundaries
  • Feel completely drained and lack self-care


Notice trauma-based behaviors coming out in your parenting and want to break that cycle then you are exactly who this program is for.

We meet on Zoom, there is accountability, worksheets, weekly commitments and cheat sheets for you to succeed in this course.


We dive into:

  • Healing your wounds
  • Stepping into becoming your own loving parent
  • Understanding toxic dynamics
  • Learning to accept your flaws, embrace them and use them to your advantage
  • Letting go of being defensive and helping our body feel safe enough to reflect logically in heated moments
  • Stepping into Emotional Regulation and choosing how we respond
  • How do your beliefs and fears play into your trauma and how to move past them so you reach your potential
  • Let go of guilt and shame and own self-forgiveness so you can step into your authentic self and full POWER
  • Find your boundaries, know your needs AND OWN THEM 


This is a trauma, life coaching, and empowerment course designed to get your life ON TRACK.

If Emotional regulation is your goal, it starts here! 

The LAST Freedom from Trauma round will start:

NZ -Thursday 10th November 10am  

SYDNEY - Thursday 10th November 8am

PST - Wednesday 9th November 1pm

EST - Wednesday 9th November 4pm

All calls are recorded and uploaded to the Facebook group or Google Drive. You also get access to my coaching over the month and can reach out for help on any topic including parenting, trauma, relationships and healing 

I want Freedom!
Payment Plan



One-on-One Coaching


This one-on-one coaching cost $3999 upfront investment or 3 monthly payments of $1450 ($4350) for four months

This includes getting:

  • 10 sessions fortnightly, in between Voxer and message support
  • Access to recorded sessions
  • Personalized weekly commitments
  • 43 strategies to raising emotionally resilient children ebook.


I want One-on-One Coaching
One-on-One Payment Plan