THE PARENT TOOLBOX: Becoming the parent you desire


This course is for parents who desire to change their parenting and want the strategies, tools, and knowledge to parent from a place of confidence and emotional security.

Topics we will cover include:

Child Brain Development

Coping with Emotions 

Appropriate expectations

Boundaries and Consequences

Discipline vs Punishment

Power struggles

Consent and safe people

Sibling Rivalry and Conflict

Enhancing Connection

The No-yelling Formula

How do let go of people's judgment around your parenting

You will get:

Hot Seat Coaching - Bring your parenting woes to the group and get coached on your specific issue

Four recorded group sessions on Conscious Parenting over three weeks with lifetime access (Value $697)

Access to a Private Facebook Page where you can ask any questions and have access to me 

Coaching during the sessions on your specific issue 


43 Strategies to raising emotionally resilient children E-Book (Value $57)

How to gain co-operation from your child Cheat Sheet (Value $22)

How to repair and reconnect after conflict Cheat Sheet (Value $22)

Nine ways to handle resistance Worksheet (Value $24.99)

Access to my TWO workshops:

Childhood Trauma, Emotional regulation, and Healing (Value $33)

Raise competent children (Value $37)

All of this for the discounted rate of $222US or $356NZD - available for two weeks

and then goes up to $333USD or $529NZD

Session schedule BELOW

Payment plan available 

Upfront Option
Payment Plan

Session Outline

Four sessions over four Sundays starting October 2nd 3 PM NZ Time



Every session will provide Hot seat coaching and Q and A where you can get clarity around your own specific issue

Session One: Setting the Foundation, Environment, and Relationship

The Six Pillars of Conscious Parenting

Enhancing connection while decreasing disconnection

Changing the environment so your child thrives

Teaching consent and safe people

43 strategies to raising emotionally resilient children E-Book

Session Two:

Choosing the mindset of a conscious parent

Becoming a strong example for your child

How to cultivate self-trust and authenticity in yourself and your child

Learning the Ins and Outs of Child Brain Development

The No yelling Formula

Session Three: Holding space for Emotions

How to hold space for your child's big emotions from tots to teens

Healthy outlets for emotion

Navigating back talk and Lessening Power Struggles

How to decrease Sibling Rivalry, resolve conflict consciously and teach your children to manage their conflict

Nine ways to handle resistance worksheet

Session Four: Looking to the Future

Choosing conscious Discipline that sets your child up to thrive

Finding the skill to cease the behavior

The 5 R's to Re-connection

Hot seat coaching and End of program Questions

Connected Conscious Parenting

The cycle of connected conscious parenting



Why choose Conscious Parenting?

Below you will find the cycle of mainstream/old school parenting where the child is coerced, punished, and overpowered, this type of parenting brings resentment, frustration, and rebellion OR a people-pleasing child who is easily taken advantage of, can't speak up for their needs and has low self-worth which leaves them vulnerable to predators and abusers.

Mainstream parenting also pushes disconnection as a tool to get your child to do what they're told, if you can hurt your child this way so can anybody else because that behavior is normalized and is actually bullying.

Then when the disconnection continues it moves into a division of the family, sibling conflict, revenge tactics, or giving up on the relationship.

I know you don't want that, I'm sure you have experienced some of these tactics used on you growing up and want to do better by your children (Amazing)

When we move into Connected Parenting (cycle below) the tide changes - we learn how to WORK WITH our children, and we parent from connection and fun. We let everyone feel seen and heard, your child becomes resilient with their emotions and they turn to YOU as their safety net, you are the one who will protect them and keep them safe but you can only do so if they trust you enough to open up to you.

That's the relationship we want to build and that's the relationship you will learn to build in this course.

Connected parenting means we choose connection first which builds trust and that brings cooperation and unity.

That doesn't mean there are never problems but it means we work together to find a solution and everyone feel secure and loved.

So which do you choose? 

Remember Earlybird ends in September and we start the course  Sunday the 2nd of October at 3 pm NZ Time, 1 pm AEST, and Saturdays at 8 pm PST - All calls are recorded for your convenience